The Model Dilemna

Posted on the Facebook restaurant group Cape Town Restaurants – the good, the bad and the nastyyy…

January 20, 2019

Written to parody this post on the Eat Out website.

Reluctant to name the restaurant as it might ruin things for other beautiful people.

Made it clear I was a model when I booked. Was greeted warmly on arrival and found the opportunity when ordering drinks to mention our model status to the server. Spoke a lot about Milan and New York. (Gave her some advice about her hair. Probably helped as service was excellent.)

Everything was great - drinks, salad, dessert. (We admired the tiramisu for the longest time. It was heaven.)

Things went downhill when we wanted to leave though. The bill was presented! For the FULL PRICE!

Reminded the server I was a model. The CHEEK! She said the owner didn’t think I was hot enough. (Advice on split ends was the only tip she got.)

Heard the distinct sound of clapping from the badly dressed slags at the big table when we left.

Never again! That’s the last time they will be seeing this pout!

Has anyone else had this experience with the model app?