Chef's Warehouse Beau Constantia

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June 18, 2018

Friday evening, our long-awaited visit to Chefs Beau Constanta. It’s been going round and round in my head for days and I’ve been unable to post about it.

Where does one start? I could describe every morsel, dwell on the superb service and sublime setting, but I’d probably just get choked up. It ended - as it had to. And even if I could go back tomorrow, the wait would feel like a lifetime in limbo.

Such awesome heights have been reached by this team - from booking, through course after perfect course, to a quiet farewell word from the chef - nothing I can write will do it justice.

Immeasurably grateful to have the means and opportunity to enjoy a venue that occupies a vaunted place in the firmament of the Cape’s world-class restaurants.

Thank you CW BC.