Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review of Ash Restaurant, Cape Town

Review of Ash Restaurant, Cape Town

Ash - 81 Church Street, CBD.
Joh! It has been a while since I have been quite so blown away by a meal.

5 of us sat down at Ash in the early seating (6:30 to 8:30) last night. Let me start by saying I’ve been hearing wonderful things and looking for a chance to try it. Definitely wasn’t disappointed.

It’s a great space. The ambience is easy and relaxed and with just a small number of seats it doesn’t feel crowded or rushed. There’s a bar where people can get a drink after work or while they wait to be seated. It’s vibey and cosy, but not thumping, so it doesn’t intrude on the seated guests’ experience.

Thing is though, I’d sit on a spike in a dungeon to eat that food. Every single thing - from the popcorn (sort of appetiser) through every starter to the main - was just fabulous.

Particularly noteworthy, in an already noteworthy experience, were the lamb ribs with bulldog sauce and kimchi mayo, the chicken hearts, and the deep fried egg. And the bone marrow mash. And the pig head scrumpet. And the kale that came with the deep fried egg. Oh, and the leg part of the duck. Also the burger. But the ribs… Did I mention those? A loooong slow cook on live coals with all of the smokey lamby goodness. Sooooo gooood.

We didn’t feel pushed to clear for the next sitting. Because we were chatting and catching up so much at the beginning, the waiter sweetly suggested that we consider ordering so we didn’t feel rushed for the next sitting.

The brigade in the open kitchen were great to watch, as they worked through first service quietly in a chilled dance. Interesting to see them wind down, start drifting off and chatting, quietening down before the next service hit. Watched again from a night-cap at the bar as service wound up for the second seating.

Ash came around the tables for a chat and a check on everything, nice touch that she’s out front while the team she’s assembled takes care of making the dead things taste so, so good. I’m going back. Whenever I’m in Cape Town, I’m going back to eat all of the things. All of them.

5 people, all well-fed and watered, happy with their dinner for R310 per head with a good tip. Amazing value for a fabulous experience.