Editorial Work

19 Mar 2015

I really and truly miss editorial food photography. Time was when it was the most creative outlet in the craft. You'd sit down with a stylist and a brief from an editor for say... "a story on granadillas". Creative thoughts would be thought, ideas polished and stunning things would be wrought. Commercial work was just technical application or the most part, but with editorial, you got to spread your wings. It was good advertising for the commercial stuff which was better paid by far, but it was fun at the same time.

In my first Cape Town studio in Roeland Street, I once spent almost four hours building a light set for one shot for Visi magazine. I had the priviledge of working with the wildly talented creative Jacques Erasmus on this gig, and the image we shot remains one of my favourite ever. Four hours, two snoots, every stand, all the pieces of black cloth we could find, and a singular creative drive did that.