Shooting in Kitchens

19 Mar 2015

One of my favourite tasks as a food photographer is shooting in a working kitchen. That energy has a special taste, a fizz on the tongue that only comes when you are surrounded by people hell-bent and totally consumed in a make-or-break task. I just love being in that soup.

One of the tricks to making great images in a busy working environment, is learning how to disappear. Some knowledge of what everyone around you is doing helps a lot, and so does working with a minimum of equipment. If you bash around with a big bag and strobes, you become an unwanted distraction. Similarly, if you are unable to anticipate that a bottle of brandy snatched from an under-counter stash will shortly lead to a flaming skillet on the boiling table, you're nowhere. Having to constantly ask what's next or what's going on makes you an obstacle in a busy service.